Our Responsibility

pdpProject DOT Pakistan

Project DOT is basically a network that needs the time from every professional, student, organisation or group. For those who are not be able to study due to financial problems. DOT will give them time and teach them practically for their career. Secondly it will help those who are learned and skilled, in finding the opportunities and overcome.

raiseRaise – New Dimensions in Education


As a conclusion on a research in Schooling and Education, it is quite clear that there is a big span between the Education Standards in Pakistan and developed Countries. Floating RAISE as a first step to this journey, SBSC Pakistan’s vision is to aware every School with the global updates and directives. Those directives they are following to develop their generation and let them prepare to grasp all upcoming disciplines and change. SBSC Pakistan wants to see every student even aware and known with at least:

1. What they are studying?
2. Why they are studying this?
3. How useful their studies are?
4. What they should do to make their studies more compatible globally?
5. How they can seek more and related information and share?
6. What is updated and what is obsolete? (So time might not waste)
7. Goal settings and achieving objectives step by step.
8. How they can re-deliver what they learned and experienced?

These major objectives are to be achieved by this exercise. Off course, this is tough and hard target, but chase this tough target and implement it in every school of Pakistan. We are not seeking the Business benefits behind this, but to create more opportunities to every learner and professional that leads to business benefits for all. The solid connection between Teacher, Student and Parent regarding every educational and extra curricular activity.

pnpProfessional Network of Pakistan


PNP is keen to re-arrange all scattered activities and make a proper platform and processes to our Businessmen. To study and help every of its member to grow up and share opportunities to distribute businesses in its circle.

By this networking Businessmen, Professionals and Freelancers can give and take business leads, learning opportunities, skilled HR and Quality Employers. By neutralizing risks and threats to local business, PNP will a great team who can perform better in combined objectives and to make Pakistan the top business and outsourcing choice as well as better supplier in every Industry.


i3 – Exclusive Training Program for School Teachers

In Education Sector, SBSC Pakistan have done many participations and conducted awareness, trainings, system design, implementation, business modeling and operations of Educational Institutes and Schools like :

1. Initiate and Operated schools under EDP at SAKRO, MIR PUR MATHELO, JAATI, DAIR KATHERO, GAMBAT and SHIKARPUR
2. Education Importance Presentations and Workshops in 32 Villages all over Pakistan on the Project of CM Program.
3. Research on IQ Level of 7th Grade Students for UNESCO
4. Submit Comparative Education Study to Several Universities to add it in Curriculum.
5. 2 Recommendations had been approved and Implemented in NIP.
6. Workshops for Teachers’ Training and Development in around 29 Schools in Karachi.

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