Marketing and Advertising

Marketing and Advertising

Identity Design

Need to turn your fuzzy idea, business, or product into something tangible and relatable by your target audience? A logo, a look, a feel… those few chosen words that are uniquely designed to make your product or business memorable to the right audience? Five Talent’s brand and creative professionals can bring your “blank sheet” to life – with a unique and memorable identity to present to the world.

These are the early building blocks for building your product’s success:

Audience and Brand Definition

Product and brand identity begins by identifying your target audience and understanding the industry landscape. How to differentiate your great offering as one that’s unique and must-have in the marketplace? Five Talent professionals provide an objective, thoughtful evaluation of your offering and the competition with specific recommendations on how to stand out and be noticed.


Transforming a brand into imagery for visual recognition and identity is what gives your offering form. Have Five Talent’s talented creative team design your logo, supporting design elements and a “style guide” to communicate and promote your brand clearly and consistently.

Messaging & Strategy

With a strong identity and design developed, you will want to get traction fast with crisp and clear messaging that strikes the right logical and emotional chords with your audience. We will help you to distill big, wordy messaging down into bite-sizes so the message is readily heard and understood.

Everything should be planned. We usually work on the scope and budgets and then make a strong output that suits.