FashioNex – Virtual Clothings

Welcome to FashioNex, a full customizable, powerful and easy to use augmented reality 3D garment evaluation system. Our innovative technology allows shoppers to virtually try on various clothes and accessories, giving the chance to preview products without trying them on physically.


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 Key Features


  • Intuitive gesture controlled user interface
  • Web player plugin
  • Social sharing tools
  • Cloud database technology, unlimited products catalog
  • Immersive enviroments
  • Real time cloth physics
  • 2D/3D product models



 Innovative Retail Marketing Technology


  • Increased customer engagement, better sales!
  • Brandable solution
  • Real time statistics
  • Affordable time based packages
  • Customization tools
  • Remote management
  • Buy directly from the system (coming soon!)


 Display Features


  • Real 3D photorealistic product models
  • 2D model support
  • Various garment and accessory types for women and men
  • Try on multiple clothes at the same time
  • Try on clothes, and accessories in 360 degrees
  • Automatic user measurement, and garment fitting (for visual purposes only)
  • Real time cloth physics can be applied to each item individually
  • Background change option

See how it works