SBS SalesTrack – Customer Relationship Management

Overview of SBS SalesTrack Benefits

SBS SalesTrack goes beyond standard communication hubs, where a single agent takes a nap between calls, and expects reputation to burst without ‘dirtying his hands’ with at least one attempt for interaction. This time, you’ve come across a system that understands what customers need based on what they say and don’t say, and helps you develop advanced engagement strategies to make relationships flourish. But how does that happen?

Full-team engagement

While bundling all support to helpdesk agents is a reasonable way to save money, it is probably the biggest energy and talent-wasting machine the CRM world has ever seen. Take a second and think of yourself as a customer: Isn’t it just too frustrating to contact ten people before you’ve reached the marketing vice-president and got your question answered? You’re right, it is!

SBS SalesTrack offers a great solution for this problem, as it exposes and involves customers in the very process of their engagement. There are eight personas available in the system, starting with the main administrator and going down to account and support representatives in charge of different campaigns and communication channels. All of them operate in a single platform, enabled to collaborate instead of standing on each other’s way,  and to pull data from a centralized repository where contacts’ behavior is automatically tracked.

Practical campaigns

One of the main features to get acquainted with is the Campaign Wizard, where users create, execute, and track their beautiful marketing campaigns on several channels. The very same tool is used to capture and collate leads in the system, and to distribute personalized web-to-load forms and similar engagement programs. Most of the time, it is the Campaign Wizard where agents evaluate their leads, and consequently assign them to the most suitable agents.

Outstanding contact management

SBS SalesTrack doesn’t only list the contacts to be served, but attaches all associated information to their profiles, including detailed behavior hints you couldn’t possibly detect on your own. Editing is just as nifty as adding contacts and accounts, and takes no more than few clicks.

As soon as you’re done filling your contact page, SBS SalesTrack empowers your creativity: You can modify documents and notes in any way you like, attach large files with ease, star and tag contacts for easier tracking, and prioritize the most valuable among them. Using the platform’s bulk editing capacity, you can save the time you’d spend modifying contact per contact. In the same way, you can create a target list and export it easily to as many integrated apps as necessary.

As you can guess, the multicurrency and multilingual nature of this system will make it possible to reach huge audiences wherever they are.


Intelligent reporting

SBS SalesTrack is so professional that it often reminds of BI’s data analytic capacity. It doesn’t only summarize the effects of your performance, but it makes it possible to forecast trends and detect potential issues. You can create as many visualization dashboards as you need to represent your data accurately, adjusting the module and the type with a variety of searching filters and parameters.

Overview of SBS SalesTrack Features

  • Sales automation and forecasting
  • Support automation
  • Marketing lead management
  • Reporting and dashboard
  • Call center automation
  • Cloud or on-premise deployment
  • Unlimited studio customization
  • Support for MySQL and SQL Server-On site
  • Revenue line item level opportunity tracking forecasting
  • Product level quotes
  • Advanced workflow
  • Role-based views
  • SQL –Based reporting access
  • Support for Oracle and DB2-On site
  • Centralized Storage
  • Third-party integrations
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