SBS E-Campus – Educate Smartly – The E-Learning System

Overview of SBS ecampus Benefits

Being an open-source solution, this allows users to develop their own extensions or improvements, with an option for them to share with the community.

SBS ecampus is built in a way that allows the teacher to take control of the class and let the content take its rightful place within the student’s learning environment for better learning. It is also easier to teach compared to other online learning systems.

It is also easier for students and teachers to access valuable course content, thus resulting in lower abandonment rates for distance learners, which entails better chances to attain any specified goals in corporate training.

Chamilo also offers an online editing tool which effectively reduces the cost of building new content. The tool allows users to import existing content, add a 10-item test, or create a self–assessment in just an hour.

Overview of SBS ecampus Features

  • Free, open-source solution
  • Multi-lingual
  • Collaborative and interactive learning environment
  • Easy access to course content
  • Online editing tool
  • Can be integrated with existing IT infrastructure
  • Gamification options
  • Mobile videoconferencing
  • SMS notification
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