SBS BizForce

What is SBS BizForce?

SBS BizForce is an all in one CRM designed for small businesses. It was founded in the year 2004 and it integrates the features that go beyond the standard capacity suite of the typical CRMs. SBS BizForce system has been tailored to meet with needs of the clients based on the feedback provided by the customer base.

SBS BizForce allows the users to thrive on a more productive business, and helps them to stay informed about it and to avoid data duplication. SBS BizForce is able to deliver great sales automation capabilities, email marketing functionalities and project and inventory management. SBS BizForce represents a set of unique tools that are used for the improvement of interaction with the potential customers. The web-to-CRM forms provided by SBS BizForce help in capturing the relevant contact information, prioritizing and using that information for making smarter business decision.

Finally, SBS BizForce is an affordable CRM system, tailored to suit small businesses’ tight budgets. It offers a sales and a support set, both available in a starter and professional version, depending on the number of users you want to include. A 15-days free trial is also available.

Overview of SBS BizForce Benefits

SBS BizForce CRM provides the sales, marketing, and the support teams with a variety of opportunities regarding their customer relationships, and enable them to build strong and long-lasting business connections. The purpose ultimate of SBS BizForce CRM is to gather collaboration and organization tools in one place, all of them designed for the sake of the ideal customer experience. SBS BizForce CRM helps the organizations to improve both prospective and current customer experiences by automating their sales, support, and marketing tasks and developing a variety of business-enhancing insights.

SBS BizForce helps users to maintain the ircontacts, automate the repetitive tasks, track the campaigns, and compile an extensive report about the sales, marketing, and the support tasks being performed in the organization. The custom reports use multiple filters to focus on the specific lead characteristics, and this is achieved by automating the entire workflow. Users reduce the repetitive tasks, and save the time as a result. SBS BizForce tracks the marketing campaigns over time, and helps in pinpointing what is working for the business and what is not. The most agile solution SBS BizForce provides is the strong client base management functionality.

The portal support of SBS BizForce allows the customers to search trhough the past issues and their resolutions, and to customize the database to make it suitable for future operations. At the back end of the portal, the support agents can create, document, and track the issues with the help of automated follow-ups. Moreover, the customers are provided with the ability to monitor the status of their issues from the opening to the closure moment.

Overview of SBS BizForce Features

  • Email Marketing
  • Contact Management
  • Forecasting
  • Opportunity Management
  • Workflow Automation
  • SLAs
  • Case Management
  • Lead Management
  • Performance Reporting
  • Security management
  • Subscription Management
  • Product Customization
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